ABNC March 2017

This month we will start on a project that will take two sessions to complete. We will be making a hammer. In March we will be making the tools needed. In April we will form the hammer head. The tools we will need to make are a slitting chisel and a drift.

We have done the slitting chisel in previous meetings and you can find instructions on the HABA website at this link: http:///www.habairon.org/Meeting Flyers/Skills Building/HABA ABNC Skills Building – Slitting Chisel.pdf.

The drift is just an extension of making a round taper, which is basic forging that we have also covered in past meetings. However, in this case instead of making it round, we will give it a slightly oval cross section. Here is a link showing how to make a round taper from square stock: http:///www.habairon.org/Meeting Flyers/Skills Building/CHF_3_4.pdf. We will start from round stock instead of square, but the technique is the same.

With these tools in hand, we will be ready to make a hammer. That will be subject of our April session. This will be a small hammer, but the methods used will apply to any size hammer. We are going to use some old railroad spikes as our starting material for the hammer head. After forging the spike to the shape required, we will use our new tools to make the hole for the handle.

I will try to put a video together showing the process before the April session.

Please feel free to make comments. Use this link for information on location and schedule for the ABNC sessions: http:///www.habairon.org/Meeting Flyers/Skills Building/HABA Armand Bayou Monthly Meetings Flyer.pdf.